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It has recently been brought to my attention that content from this blog is increasingly being shared onto other platforms WITHOUT CREDIT.

May I take this opportunity to remind visitors that any of my own original analysis that is replicated from here, or resources including pictures, videos, and clippings, which are *explicitly exclusive* to this platform, and are shared through other platforms, *MUST* provide a mention *CREDITING* this site.

Not giving credit where it is due is wrong and dishonest. We, as an audience, owe so much to our creators. Robbing creators of their time, research, and energy, through an absence of credit is abhorrently illogical.

Providing credit to other creators is at the very heart of this platform. Gathering research from a variety of sources for this site even illuminated several instances where credit was wrongly and repeatedly not given to talented creators. Immense effort has therefore been made at every possible opportunity to give credit where it is due, whether that be through listing a website, username, individual, or different source of origin. Where no credit can be found, this is clearly stated; unknown authors encouraged to step into the spotlight.

Robin Hood is a show that deserves to be remembered. The very reason this site was founded was due to an ethos of keeping the legend alive, and a desire to connect fans with a selection of original resources and several years of research that they should be able to celebrate and enjoy. Crediting this site will rightly result in more Robin Hood fans being able to enjoy this place as much as everyone else. Any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch – and – to those who continue to provide credit to this site, as always, it is greatly appreciated – you know who you are.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you enjoy this site as much I enjoyed creating it.

Welcome to A Different Kind of Hood.

Founded in 2019, this is a website I was inspired to set up by the television series Robin Hood made by the BBC between 2006-2009.

For every man there is a purpose in which he sets up in his life. Let yours be the doing of all good deeds’.

Never forget the outlaws…?

This is a place to preserve the memory of the BBC’s Robin Hood. Having been a fan of the show since it was first broadcast, it has saddened me to see that over the years, Robin Hood has slowly faded from memory. Robin Hood had a huge number of fans who loved writing stories, sharing pictures as well as their favourite characters, episodes and moments. It was them that kept the memory of Robin Hood alive.


As I was only eight years old when Robin Hood was first broadcast on BBC One, I was not aware of the huge fan base and communities that were out there. Through a continuing research journey, I have discovered that this world of Robin Hood was much larger than I had ever anticipated.

Despite its large fanbase, Robin Hood is being forgotten. Many of the fan communities and websites are increasingly fading away with time. A lack of activity on many fan websites highlights the burden of time on a show that no longer produces new content.

Perhaps what is most sought of all is more Robin Hood to keep the legend alive. This can be a place for more Robin Hood. A place that preserves some of the fabulous fan creations, as well as new discoveries, in one place that everybody can enjoy. Through exploring A Different Kind of Hood, I hope that people will experience a pulse of adrenaline at discovering something new. That feeling, of discovering new facts and items about the show, is just like watching a brand new episode of Robin Hood. Just as exciting. It brings it to life again. I would like this place to be a place where fans, both old and new, can experience the joy of Robin Hood.

Most importantly, the quality of the writing, cast, music and directing made Robin Hood timeless. It had a huge heart and explored extremely important life lessons: the burden of cruelty and hardship; the loneliness of death; the beauty of romance and love; the magic of nature; the power of hope; the importance of kindness and justice; the strength of friendship. These themes remain incredibly relevant and important today which makes Robin Hood a show that deserves to be remembered, not forgotten.


Where to go from here?

Located at the top left of the screen is the main menu which will display a variety of pages.


A good first point of call for new visitors would be the About page detailing the origins of Robin Hood, an outline of each series and how the show met a dismal end.

The most recommended page would have to be the Music page. Head there to experience a fabulous extended score as well as some track by track analysis.

A note on…

…Episode Reviews: They will be coming but will take some time!

…Creators: Whilst a lot of the content on this site is not my own, I have endeavoured to give credit where it is due and where I can find an author. If I have not credited you, please contact me so that I can make any corrections. All other analysis is my own work, and must not be republished without permission.


Finally thank you to all the Robin Hood fans out there who never forgot the outlaws. Who always remembered that it was good to dream and, that, most importantly,

we are Robin Hood!


Disclaimer: All rights owned by the BBC in association with Tiger Aspect Productions.