The show was created by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan. Below is a brief background on the pair, with their most notable career highlights.

Foz Allan


Foz Allan is a British producer and scriptwriter and a co-creator of Robin Hood. With his career beginning in 1996, other notable career achievements include the first series of CBBC’s The Dumping Ground, broadcast in 2013, and more recently, began producing Sky Atlantic’s Riviera.

The Dumping Ground 2013
The Dumping Ground continues to be a popular hit on CBBC

Unlike Dominic Minghella, Foz Allan stayed with Robin Hood throughout its tenure, guiding it from birth, to its final episode.

Dominic Minghella


Dominic Minghella, brother of Anthony Minghella, was born in 1966. He is most famous for the creation of Doc Martin, staring Martin Clunes, and Robin Hood, staring Jonas Armstrong. Doc Martin was first broadcast for ITV in 2004, with Dominic Minghella working on the first two series before leaving to work on Robin Hood, broadcast for the BBC in the autumn of 2006.

Doc Martin first aired in 2004 and is currently on its ninth series

Dominic Minghella was also producer of a film adaptation of a novel called The Scapegoat in 2012. His latest work is as showrunner on an American historical drama called Knightfall which premiered December 2017.


Although Robin Hood ran for three series, Dominic Minghella sadly only remained executive producer for the first two series. I strongly believe that the show suffered Dominic Minghella’s departure and lost direction. It would be lovely to hear what Dominic’s ideas would have been for series three and beyond.

A pivotal turning point: Dominic Minghella’s last episode: ‘We Are Robin Hood’

But one thing remains certain. Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan created a sublime show. It was full of love and passion and no doubt provided many hours of enjoyment to young families. There is no doubt that the legend of Robin Hood was brought alive once again for a whole new generation of children. The joy the show continues to give me is unmeasurable and I hope that through this project, I am able to thank them both for the show they created. All I can say to them right now is thank you for creating and producing such vivid, rich characters that have will forever touch the hearts of fans for generations to come. Thank you for making many children’s childhoods come to life and finally, thank you for creating a version of Robin Hood that is unforgettable.

Everything we do is a choice, you taught me that.