For each series of Robin Hood, several high definition pictures were taken of the cast in their full costumes to help promote the show. To view the ones taken for each series, click on the arrow by ‘Pictures’ in the menu.

These pictures are sublime and truly capture the essence of Robin Hood for a new generation.

There are some pictures that I know exist as I have seen them in smaller versions, however I have been unable to find a high quality image. These include the ones below.

To view the highest quality promotional pictures and stills, click here.

Whilst these images are rare in their quality for such an old show, there are still a lot of stills and important moments that are not captured in high quality. However it is lucky that such high quality images are accessible and the website also contains promotional pictures and still for many other shows too.

Series One

Promotional pictures consisted of the gang and each member of the cast. I am still yet to find a high resolution photo of Djaq however.

Series Two

One promotional picture was released of the gang, with additional pictures of them individually in character.

Promotional pictures also included individual shots of the villains as well as the guest stars.

Series Three

Once again, only one promotional picture of the gang. It would have been nice to see more promotional pictures of the gang for series two and three like there was for series one.

There did seem to be individual pictures of each member of the gang however Little John was heavily excluded with a pretty average picture compared to the rest of the gang. It is quite evident that greater focus was given to the new characters as many more pictures were taken of the new cast members in comparison to the older ones. The development and successful introduction of the newest characters to the franchise seemed more important than developing the already existing characters like Much and Little John. Although this would have been to introduce them and make them known to the audience, it really detracted from the older characters that fans had returned to once again to cherish and love. Too much emphasis was put on Tuck and Kate in the promotional pictures. Ironically, Isabella and Prince John had fewer promotional pictures than Tuck and Kate despite them all being new characters.

The Sheriff, a major part of the show since episode one, was surprisingly absent from the promotional pictures. Once again, it seemed the new characters took president. On the BBC Robin Hood website, while all the characters were receiving a lovely new updated picture for series three, the Sheriff was stuck with one from series two!

Fan Pictures

There is such a large collection of pictures and posters that fans have created and edited over the years. Some of them are magnificent and deserve to be appreciated. It is these works that truly demonstrate what Robin Hood meant to fans. It was and still is a deeply adored show.