Please find here a collection of articles written by various television guides and magazines about the show. Most impressive of these are the three main Radio Times articles, as they provided an in depth interviews of Robin Hood across all three series. As shown below, the first two series of Robin Hood managed to claim a front cover spot on the Radio Times. Unfortunately, series three was unable to beat a front cover of Sir Alan Sugar. Whilst there were other radio times articles, they are not as detailed as the ones that promoted the start of each series.

These magazine and newspaper articles offer a snapshot of what critics and audiences thought of Robin Hood every week as the show progressed. They are extremely valuable. Many of the following articles have been saved from fan sites that are no longer active.

As highlighted by the series three articles, it is clear Robin Hood was still heavily adored despite nearing the end of its tenure (unbeknown to fans at the time). There was even one viewer who wrote into Radio Times arguing that the finale deserved better, being poorly managed and shoved onto BBC Two (see the image at the bottom of this page). The fact the BBC decided to show the finale again demonstrates that the show did not get the chance it deserved in its original screening.

A note on image quality: As you may discover, the quality on some of the images may be worse than others. Sadly as these are scans other people have made in the past and because I do not have the original copies, many of the images are the best I can offer. The landscape images featuring a double page also do not come out as well as the portrait images. If you click on them, or some of the images that seem difficult to read, you should be able to view it in a gallery and then view the image in full side by clicking at the bottom right of the screen (desktop mode).

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