Series 1

Robin Hood

Robin returns home from fighting under King Richard in the crusades. Known as Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon on his return, he aims to regain his lands through his noble status. However he seen discovers that everything has changed.

After abandoning his childhood lover, Marian, he returns to find the one thing that has not changed: she is still unmarried. Robin aims to capture her love once again while combating the tyrannical rule of the Sheriff of Nottingham. It is these two conflicts that tear Robin in half as he struggles to place one above the other. Robin soon realises that to help those in greater need, he will be more effective as an outlaw.

Robin is a selfless character and is known to always put others before himself. A true hero, he is always quick to help those in greater need. However, Robin is also a flawed hero. While he aims to help those around him, his arrogance and cocky character can lead him to make rash decisions and avoid listening to the advice of others – even from those closest to him.

Although a true hero, Robin has to have the support of his people to spur him on. While this is great motivation, his necessity for glory can be his greatest weakness to be exploited by others.


Much is Robin’s right hand man and returns alongside his master as a man servant. After his diligent service and loyalty to Robin, he is soon released of his obligations as a servant. Much dreams of a free life, a constant supply of food and to gain his lodge, Bonchurch. However it takes time for Much to adjust to life as a free man as he continues to treat Robin as his master.

A man of no family, Much is just as selfless as Robin and would do anything for him. It is evident that Robin is his only family. Although a humorous character, Much’s story is one of sorrow as he is constantly placed in Robin’s shadow. Much soon realises that his real place is alongside Robin and sacrifices a life of freedom to aid his closest comrade. Taken for granted by Robin, Much can get frustrated at how he is treated but, despite this, Much’s loyalty is never questioned. Behind a legend is an even greater man and in this case, it is Much.

Allan A Dale

The very first character that we meet in the show, Allan initially represents the struggle and desperation of the poor. However all is not as it seems and although he is saved by Robin, his lies and antics result on him being thrown in Nottingham dungeons.

Allan is one of the four men ordered to hang by the Sheriff not only as an example to the poor, but as a test for Robin. Owing Robin his life, Allan soon becomes one of the first members to join Robin’s gang of outlaws. His lies and trickery prove essential to securing entry to Nottingham castle and helping in several other ways. However although Allan cares and respects those around him, he struggles to put his own interests second.

Will Scarlett

Will is a resident of Locksley village and alongside his Dad, Dan Scarlett, is one of the first people to greet Robin upon his return. Will’s family clearly have a history with Robin before his departure to the Crusades. Will is clearly in awe of Robin and due to the influence of his father, has useful carpentering and crafting skills.

Escaping trouble alongside his brother, Will decides to remain with Robin while his family flee to Scarborough. His woodwork skills and knowledge become of real use to the band of outlaws. It is Will who designs the dog tag that symbolises the spirit of Robin’s gang. Often a reserved character, Will’s loyalty is unquestionable and he truly believes in helping the poor, a position he only knows too well himself.

Little John

An infamous character in the legend of Robin Hood, Little John’s entrance is one which you may not expect.

Having long been an outlaw before Robin, he has his own large band of outlaws who dominate Sherwood Forest. Although they get off to a rough start, Little John and Robin soon form an undeniably close bond. His brute strength becomes handy in many situations. A man of few words, John has a big heart and is always one to look out for his son, Little, Little John, and his wife, Alice, in the hope that he will one day see them again.

Royston White

Roy is Little John’s right hand man. The two have such a close bond that they perceive each other as father and son. Roy is young and rash and often learns a lot from Little John’s experience. A loud character, Roy is quick to crack jokes, even if it means picking on weaker members of the group.

Roy is one of the few outlaws from Little John’s gang to follow their leader in joining Robin Hood. Although he has a tough personality, Roy’s heart is in the right place and it is the feeling of giving to his abandoned mother that enables Roy to see the good he can do. He eventually becomes proud to fight alongside Robin in the name of King Richard.


Djaq is one of the later members to join the gang. Disguised as a Saracen boy, she represents the conflict of the Crusades. Djaq becomes an invaluable asset to Robin through her knowledge of healing and alchemy. Having experienced a tough time due to experiencing the consequences of the conflict in the Middle East, Djaq is a tough character with a bite.

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A pivotal character in the story of Robin Hood, but given a modern twist. The ‘maid’ part of the name was dropped, paving way for an independent and feisty young women who is more than capable to do how she pleases. Daughter of Sir Edward of Knighton, Marian intelligently uses her noble status to find out valuable pieces of information for Robin. Despite their differences, Marian does work with Robin however is quick to remind him that she can do just as well as him on her own.

Although Robin discovers that Marian is still unmarried after his time away, Marian is rightly frustrated with Robin for abandoning her for a battle thousands of miles away. She believes that Robin made the wrong decision and is keen to make Robin see that things have changed while he has been away. It is Marian that shows Robin that her method of doing things if often much better than his.

Marian is quick to notice that Robin depends on glory and the love of the people to function properly. This cocky nature, while appears flirtatious, can also frustrate Marian due to Robin’s lack of maturity.

Marian and Robin’s relationship experiences an exceptional journey throughout the course of series one. The most tender and memorable moments are often those that are shared between Robin and Marian. Despite their differences, Robin is keen to win back the heart of the women he loves.

Sir Guy of Gisborne

The Sheriff’s right hand man, Sir Guy was given Robin’s lands to look after while he was away on Crusade. Upon his return, it is Gisborne who poses the first challenge to Robin and the two soon become bitter rivals.

An extremely dark and complex character, Guy is an evil reflection of Robin’s character. Driven by power, he exploits Robin’s weaknesses by stealing not only his lands, but attempting to steal the heart of the women he loves, Marian. This love triangle is one of complexity and holds a dark dimension. Although Guy is driven by power and manipulated by the Sheriff, it is often Marian who can show him the light in the midst of his cruel nature. Frequently manipulated, Guy is therefore often pulled in two different directions. However it is the Sheriff who ultimately wins, often reminding Guy of his duties and as Gisborne has little left to lose, the path to power becomes too tempting for him.

Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham

After Edward of Knighton’s bid for the shire was not accepted, it was Vaisey who became Sheriff of Nottingham. Inheriting power through the influence of Prince John, the Sheriff is a cruel and cold character. He constantly lacks sympathy and compassion.

Imposing a rule of pure tyranny and cruelty, poverty sweeps through the land. Cunning and single minded, the Sheriff is driven by one goal: to eliminate King Richard and place Prince John on the throne.

Despite his best intentions, Robin Hood becomes a constant obstacle for the Sheriff. Not only constantly foiling his plans, but turning him out of favour with Prince John. Quick to temper, the Sheriff is determined to crush the people’s last hope of escaping oppression: Robin Hood. Aiming to do this through any means possible, it is fair to say that the Sheriff  becomes desperate and too obsessed with destroying the people’s hero.

Edward of Knighton

The predecessor to the current Sheriff, all we are told is that Edward’s bid to the shire was not accepted with Prince John giving out the shires in his brother’s absence. Loyal to the king, Edward warns Robin not to publicly oppose the Sheriff, but to bide his time and politically rebel against the Sheriff. Politically aware, Edward provides valuable advice to Robin during times of need.

However Edward is not just a noble, but a father to Marian. Worrying about her unmarried status, he is unaware of her outings as the Nightwatchman. One of the few parental relationships in the show, there is sometimes tension between Edward and Marian. However Edward does always have his daughter’s best interests at heart and does his best to help and protect her in times of need.

Edward is aware of his delicate situation: whilst he has limited power, he and his daughter are under constant surveillance and suspicion. Although Edward still remains a noble with status, his house is constantly watched by the Sheriff’s spies. Suspected by the Sheriff of being loyal to the king, Edward must be careful in choosing when to directly oppose the Sheriff. Failing to be successful could result in grave consequences.

(No promotional picture was ever taken of Edward although I believe he deserved one. A pivotal and underappreciated character in the show).