Series 2


Robin Hood

Robin’s character seemed to change little going into the second series. Remaining an outlaw, he continued to fight for justice but identifying a greater threat, he begins to fight for King and country. With a shift in who he is fighting for, Robin at times has to be reminded not to completely forget about the dependency the poor have on him.

Having now finally won back Marian’s heart, it becomes Robin’s dream for Marian to join him in the forest where they can fight for England together, side by side. However Marian’s reluctance to do so certainly saddens Robin and creates a further challenge for Robin to juggle. Not only does he have to save the poor, but save the King and England; not only does he want Marian to be with him, but he must protect her and come to terms with the fact that being an outlaw makes it difficult for them to truly be happy.




Much returns as loyal as ever. Clearly expressing his undying love for Robin and his cause, Much’s loyalty continues to go unnoticed, often taken for granted.

Often providing comic relief, Much creates a warm atmosphere for the outlaws in these dark times. Now with a new outlaw camp, Much is happy to take responsibility as cook – even if that means his meals don’t always go down well!

However Much’s character is not always one to be poked fun at. There is undoubtedly a sad song to be sung about the constant nature that Much is taken for granted. Although he is always there for Robin, Robin never seems to be there for him. With Robin getting ever closer to Marian, it seems that Much is left abandoned. He has no choice but to cope with all that he has been through with Robin, especially the horrors in the Holy Land, on his own.

There is no doubt that Much remains one of the only characters who has the ability to make you laugh and cry.



Allan A Dale

‘What if he’s stuck?’

Allan’s character takes a sharp turn in this series. It is fair to say that he is one of the most developed characters out of all the outlaws. Allan continues to be tricky and remains a sharp witted character, providing a valuable asset to the outlaws.

However Allan grows ever frustrated with the few benefits of being an outlaw. Blaming Robin for always being the one to take the glory, Allan attempts to find his perks of being a tricky outlaw. However his wits soon get the better for him and Allan’s character suffers a dark turn. Torn between the battle of good and evil, Allan must pick a side before it is too late.



Will Scarlet

Will’s woodworking and carpentry skills continue to be of great use to Robin and the gang. Having constructed a sublime secret camp, the outlaws no longer have to continue moving around the forest. Thanks to Will, they now have a fixed base. It is clear that Will is comfortable and feels like he is where he belongs, fighting for a worthy cause. Will continues to be amongst the quieter members of the gang, but expresses himself through his fabulous woodworking skills. He continues to remain loyal and you never know, he may even eventually find love…

However having not really seen his family since they fled to Scarborough, family ties cause will some turmoil this series. Although his presence is of valuable use to the gang, Will’s family also miss him too and it seems that Will must chose between family or friends before that choice is made for him.



Little John

Little John remains a man of few words. Like Much, he provides some comedy however Little John mainly continues to be the big man with a big heart. Having now said goodbye to his family, John has little to lose, providing an ever loyal service to Robin and the gang. His brute strength continues to come in handy however his big heart can also be his weakness. Although John is loyal to Robin, he occasionally disagrees with Robin’s priority of the King and country over the ordinary people.

However Little John’s heart is always in the right place and he will forever listen to those who need him.




Djaq returns as feisty as ever, providing essential medicinal knowledge for the gang. With a more feminine look, Djaq harnesses this to her advantage.

Although one of the less developed characters in the series, Djaq remains of great value to the outlaws, particularly to the fight beyond England.




Having confessed her love for Robin, Marian grows ever closer to Robin. However circumstances force Marian to remain in Nottingham castle where she is determined to help Robin and a spy and as the nightwatchman, despite the danger.

Continuing to manipulate Guy for more information, Marian must be careful not to be found out for not only her own safety, bu that of her father as well.

Marian plays a big part in Robin’s plans and ambitions, strongly competing with his mission to save the King.



Guy of Gisbourne

Infuriated by Marian’s public rejection of him, Guy immediately seeks his revenge. However Marian slowly begins to show Guy that there is a lighter side in him and that he can do good. However despite this, Guy continues to remain a dark and complex character. At times, it is impossible to believe that he could ever be good.

Torn between the Sheriff and Marian, Guy continues to be a victim of manipulation on both parts, driving him to make some frighteningly rash decisions that he will no doubt regret for the rest of his life.



The Sheriff of Nottingham

A dark and twisted character, the Sheriff continues to show no mercy. Although determined to crush Robin Hood once and for all, the Sheriff has moved on to bigger and bolder ambitions.

Pursuing his plot to kill the king, the Sheriff builds up an impenetrable army of allies. With a strong force at his disposal, surely not even the likes of Robin Hood could stop him?