Series 3



Due to circumstances in the conclusion of series two, Robin returns a broken man. Angry and keen to return home, his only desire is to take vengeance.

However Robin is surrounded by loyal people and with their help, he continues to remain a beacon of hope. Robin fights through his pain to continue fighting corrupt evil with the hope that he will triumph through continuing to help the poor. With his final series to go, can Robin achieve his goals in the crusade that he embarked on two years ago when he became an outlaw?



Much once again returns with Robin to fight for justice and help his friend in his darkest hour. Determined not to let Robin Hood die, it is him and the remainder of the gang that continue to show devout loyalty to Robin, never giving up on him. Much continues to show complete and utter loyalty to Robin right until the end, with a rather beautiful and heartbreaking ending between the two characters.

Sadly, Much’s character is somewhat taken out of the spotlight in the final series. Having been through so much with Robin and remaining one of his closest allies, Much only seems to serve as comedic value, with few of the powerful and emotional scenes witnessed in the previous series developing into this series. Cruelly, newer characters steal his spotlight, to a less glamorous effect, making Much a fairly minor character. There is no doubt that rather than being developed, Much was unfortunately left undeveloped with huge potential and a lot more to give.



Sadly Allan’s character also lacks further development. Although remaining a tricky outlaw, he and Much attempt to fight between themselves for their affection for Kate. Something which is completely out of their character, adds no comedic value and weakens the overall strength of their characters.

Due to the events of the finale of series two, Allan is back as an outlaw. However his betrayal is never truly forgotten and Allan never quite manages to prove his devout loyalty again. It is ultimately Allan’s betrayal in series two that leads to his downfall in series three.


Little John

As can be gained just by looking at the poor quality of the promotional picture, Little John’s character is virtually non-existent in series three. Having said good bye to his family, John is more than a man with few words. His expertise gained from years of being an outlaw do not seem to count for anything and he is given extremely little to do individually as a character. Individual moments that he does get are extremely out of his character.

However John continues to demonstrate brute strength when fighting with his fellow outlaws and his loyalty remains unquestionable.  He continues to be a big man with an even bigger heart and does continue to demonstrate this through the series despite the restricted air time he gets.



A new character introduced in series three, it is mainly Tuck who rescues Robin from his rash actions, saving his life. Nursing him back to health, and truly showing him how much he is cherished and needed by the people, Tuck saves the legend of Robin Hood. With a keen interest in religion, Tuck uses his knowledge of the Bible to give wisdom and advice in times of need, and often uses this knowledge to guide his own actions too. However his loyalty to his faith, and passion to defeat the corrupt, can lead him to make rash decisions, prioritising these aims over Robin’s ambitions.

A warrior monk, Tuck is an effective fighter and there is no doubt that he is a much needed and welcome addition to the band of outlaws.



An undoubted replacement to a main female character, Kate is a local villager who resides in Locksley. With her family at heart, she tries to protect her brother from the wrath of Gisborne.

Ultimately led to hate and despise the legend of Robin Hood, Kate is determined to have nothing to do with Robin and his outlaws ever again. However fate gives Kate no choice but to go and start a new life with her new friends. Feisty and determined not to be left out of the action, Kate is loyal but can also disobey orders if she believes she is right.

Having both Much and Allan fall for her, Kate makes it clear that she is not interested, having eyes for only Robin. Robin of course, reciprocates Kate’s feelings despite his love only being unconditional for Marian. With three men after of her own heart, Kate seems to only have one role, to be the pretty girl for the boys, acting as a replaced love interest for Robin.


Sir Guy of Gisborne

Gisborne returns as the darkest he has ever been. Scared and haunted by his actions at the end of series two, Gisbourne’s character is more crazy and unpredictable than ever. Still determined to destroy Robin Hood once at for all, it really seems that he will stop at nothing to see his greatest enemy eradicated.

However with Gisborne and the Sheriff drifting further apart, and with the arrival of new villains in Isabella and Prince John, there are also times when Gisbourne is an extremely vulnerable and desperate character with few allies.

As the series unravels, it becomes clear that there is more than bad blood that links Guy and Robin together…

The Sheriff

Sadly no promotional picture was taken of the Sheriff for series three despite him being a main villain for the past two series. He remains ever important in the third series, with his story arc taking an interesting turn.

Having returned from his failed mission in the Holy Land, the Sheriff quickly discovers that he is increasingly falling out of favour with Prince John. Having failed to kill King Richard, there are only two things that will save the Sheriff’s neck: money and the death of Robin Hood. Determined to keep his grip on power and assert his deteriorating authority, the Sheriff will stop at nothing to save himself and his position. Even if it means putting a strain on his relationship with Gisborne.

Isabella Thornton

Sold to squire Thornton for what Guy deems as a ‘fair price’ at a young age, Isabella flees her miserable marriage. Spiraling into the arms of Robin Hood, Isabella is vulnerable and desperately seeks protection from anyone who can offer it.

Eventually meeting her brother, the Sheriff and Prince John, Isabella quietly absorbs the bigger picture. Drifting between Robin, Gisborne and Prince John, Isabella assesses who can give her the most happiness. Just as cunning as her brother, Isabella has a swift choice to make: love or loath Robin Hood.

Despite initially seeming like an intriguing character, considering Guy always emphasised he had ‘no family’ made Isabella seem rather forced in. Although an important female character for particular plot points in the series, her constant drift between Robin and the villains only made her seem like a weak, helpless character with no purpose. Having her fall in love with Robin only further emphasises that like Kate, she was there to fill the love interest gap for Robin.

Prince John

Powerful, unpredictable with a devilish temper, it was only a matter of time before Prince John arrived in Nottingham. Impatient with the Sheriff’s lack of success, Prince John aims to accelerate ridding England of his brother Richard and placing himself on the throne.

Toying with the Sheriff and Gisborne like pawns, Prince John aims to strengthen his hold of Nottingham against the now almighty Robin Hood. Obsessed with the love of the people, Prince John will stop at nothing to be crowned king, pledging allegiance to anyone who can make his dreams a reality.

Extremely well written and cast. It is only a shame this character was not used more! It would have been nice, at the very least, to see him return in the series finale.