Unanswered Questions

These are some questions that I feel have never been asked/answered about the show. If anyone is able to provide some answers or insight – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Music

-How did it come about? Where did Andy Price’s involvement came from?

-The process behind the release and why only selected music from series one was released on CD. Why was there not a release for series two and three?


-Robin Hood Adventures magazines: why did they only come out for series two?

-Why was Little John released as an action figure and not Much, Allan or Will?

Plot Points

-What happened to Forest and Hanson? (the two other members of Little John’s gang excluding Roy – they disappear after episode two, series one with no explanation!)

-Roy: the decision behind his character, a new character to the legend – why introduce him and how did he come about? (I would have loved to have more information on his background. I still feel the character has so much potential today). The decision to kill Roy – was he always intended to be the character who died after four episodes? (I feel that his early death was the most important death in Robin Hood as it made it real and proved Robin couldn’t save everyone). Why were there no references to Roy in future episodes considering how close he was to Little John? Was there any discussion to bring Roy back?

-Why did Marian and Will have father figures and how did their creation come about? Why was Edward made the previous Sheriff? (I think there is huge potential for stories on Edward’s time and downfall as Sheriff). Why was the decision taken to kill of Edward of Knighton and Dan Scarlett?

-Why did Will and Djaq leave after series two?

-Were any other options discussed for the end of series two?

-Why were King Richard and Prince John not introduced earlier or used more frequently? I felt that King Richard had a lot of potential to come back however sadly he never did. Prince John was a great character – why was it decided he would be in the middle of series three without playing a role in the finale?

-Thoughts on Prince John vs. King Richard as a plot point?

-I wonder if there are any plot points that weren’t used or a direction that was discussed, but never explored, by the writers/executive producers. Is there anything they would do differently today? Are there any plot points that did not work as well?

The Making of the Show

-How did the idea for Robin Hood come about? What was the process behind getting it commissioned?

-Casting stories. Why were the actors cast? What was the casting process?

-Difficulties in making the programme: were there any problems that arose? Any disasters?

-Why did the ending of each episode vary from series one to series two? At the end of series one, each episode ended with Andy Price’s track ‘Robin Hood End Credits’ with a black and white fade out. I rather liked that version of ending each episode. I thought it added a uniqueness to the show that had not been seen much anywhere else. Sadly series two ended each episode with a sudden burst into the credits. Was there a particular reason for this change?

-Why did the opening title change between series one and two? Although the opening titles for series one were fairly simple, I liked the fact you could only see shadows and silhouettes – it added a sense of excitement and mystery to the show. The title for series two were equally great though – the opening quotes ‘deep in the heart of England lives a legend’ helped promote the legendary status of Robin Hood. Adding clips from all the episodes was also a lovely touch. Was it changed simply to spice up the titles and promote the legendary status of Robin and the outlaws? Or were there other reasons for the change?

-Why did Robin Hood take a break in 2008?

-I wonder what the favourite episode or set of episodes are for the writers/producers? Which ones are they most proud of upon reflection?

The Past and Future

-How must it feel for the creators of Robin Hood to know that there are still fans who deeply cherish the show after all this time?

-What are the creators thoughts on Robin Hood upon reflection?

-Dominic Minghella: What would his vision have been for series three and beyond?

-Has Dominic Minghella seen the third series? If so, I wonder what his thoughts were?

-Why was Robin Hood cancelled after three years? Did it face a dismal end? Did it deserve more?

-Can there be more Robin Hood? (such as through cast audio dramas, spin off television shows or additional stories/scripts?) There’s still so much love and potential for the show even after all this time!