Here you can find the trailers made for all three series, fan made videos as well as interviews with the cast. Please note that due to the age of the show, the quality for some of the videos is not what would be expected by today’s standards. However I have uploaded the best quality I can. Although some videos are poorer quality than others, they are still watchable. Somehow poorer quality used to be acceptable thirteen years ago! Makes you realise how far the online world has come since this programme was first aired…

Despite the poor quality of some of the videos, some of the interviews are incredibly rare. It is lucky that they are still available to watch after all these years.

Official Trailers

Series One

A shot of a flaming arrow flying into the BBC One logo in the corner of the screen as the Robin Hood logo and ‘Coming Soon’ were first displayed on Saturday 8 July 2006. This teaser ran either side of the Doctor Who series finale on BBC One, and was shown on several other occasions on various BBC channels over the following weeks.

But it was on Saturday 16 September 2006 when some of the longer trailers you may remember were first shown (below). Each directed by Matt Losasso, these trailers were released to promote Robin Hood as an exciting, brand new show on BBC One, involving either Robin, Marian or the Sheriff. Focusing on the theme of ‘trouble’, and offering trailers with different characters breaking the fourth wall, allowed varying perspectives to be shown at ease.

Although I do not remember viewing any of these trailers at the time (they also do not appear as a special feature on the DVD boxset), it is rewarding to not only have discovered them, but still be able to view them in high quality.

Robin Hood Series One Promo: Robin, shortened picoverload

The video above depicts a shortened version of Robin’s trailer. The extended version (below) was shown in cinemas.

Robin Hood Series One Promo: The Sheriff ~ picoverload

The Sheriff’s trailer is more atmospheric than the others, and through the use of dark lighting and rain, presents Nottingham as a bleak place. His little snicker before he first speaks presents him as a scheming and untrustworthy character. I love the start of his trailer with the raven (or is it a crow?) flying in. It reinforces a watchful gaze, power and wealth, and if it is a raven, can symbolise loss and ill omen. The flash of the Sheriff swiping food and a goblet of wine off of the table not only promotes his comfortable life style, but that this is also a character who is susceptible to bouts of anger. But the trailer also reveals the Sheriff as a calm and calculated figure. ‘I adore trouble’ he mockingly states as he peers out into the bleak, pouring rain. And those guards that march pass not only reinforce that this is a dictator like figure comfortable in power, but that this is a character who has more to him than meets the eye.

Robin Hood Season 1 Promo: Marian ~ picoverload

Although shorter, Marian’s trailer somewhat agrees with the Sheriff’s opinion that Robin is actively looking for trouble. However, unlike the Sheriff, Marian is presented as someone who knows her own mind. She is aware of his charms, and despite the need to distance oneself from an outlaw, it is clear that this is a woman who can independently handle her own affairs. Although I am unsure if it was intentional, I like the trailer’s allusion to the hair pin that Marian uses in episode one to save Robin, and the use of aerial acrobatics to also suggest that there is more to this character than a pretty face… (perhaps she can fight too?). The choice of presenting her in two places, between castle and forest, also suggested that she also had a double life. Perhaps even two allegiances…

Robin Hood Season 1 Promo: Robin

Robin on the other hand has a different perspective. His longer cinematic trailer presented a cheeky, charming, innocent, and mischievous outlaw who challenged the idea that he really does go looking for trouble. The use of the money bag at the start of the trailer, with him directly mentioning that he is perceived as a ‘liar’, ‘thief’, and ‘criminal’, presents the traditional robbing part of the Robin Hood story and the use of the raven, dungeons, and Sheriff’s guards, all symbolise the Sheriff’s power and hold over Robin.  This, accompanied with Robin breaking out of a cell, simply infers that Robin is misunderstood and seeks to challenge the current system. Rather it is trouble that comes looking for him.

Series Two

BBC Robin Hood Series Two Official Trailer Lovethedoctorforever

Official series two trailer for Robin Hood’s return on BBC advertised as ‘coming soon’. Although the quality is not the best, this was the hardest trailer to find so I am glad I managed to find it in the end. If I find a better quality version, I will endeavour to upload it.

Series Three

BBC Robin Hood Series Three Official Trailer

Here is the final official Robin Hood trailer. Little did the audience know that this would be the last ever trailer advertising Robin’s return.

Official ‘Next Time’ Trailers

At the end of each episode for series two and three, after the credits, an animation of an outlaw tag, with the backdrop of Sherwood Forest, would spin and freeze with the words ‘Next Time’. Following this, there would be a preview of the episode for the following week. Avoid these if you do not want to know what happens!

Unfortunately, these ‘Next Time’ segments (from series two episodes onwards) were not included on the official DVD release. This is interesting considering that Doctor Who kept its post episode ‘Next Time’ segments on its DVD releases. Interestingly, when Robin Hood was re-uploaded to BBC iPlayer in late 2019, the relevant episodes included ‘Next Time’ segments, suggesting that it was the originally broadcast episodes that were uploaded. Below are a few examples.

BBC Robin Hood ‘Next Time’ Series Two, Episode 2 robinhoodpotc4ever

BBC Robin Hood ‘Next Time’ Series Two, Episode 3 Ebru Channel

BBC Robin Hood ‘Next Time’ Series Two, Episode 13 Ebru Channel

Fan Made Trailers

The following are trailers made by fans so will contain spoilers. Although some of the older trailers are now fairly dated in terms of quality, there have been some more recent trailers uploaded in higher definition. Enjoy!

Fan Made: Robin Hood Trailer 2006 ~ mydoctortennant

This is my favourite Robin Hood fan made trailer as it brilliantly weaves together segments from the Robin Hood soundtrack. Whilst most fan made trailers use pop songs or other music separate from the show, I believe Robin Hood is presented in the best light when its music is given prominence amongst scenes.

Fan Made Trailer: Life is not easy ~ Arc Alatus

A fairly old trailer that I am really fond of. Although I was disappointed that it did not include music from the show as the trailer above did, I did admire the way the the story of series one was told in under four minutes.

Fan Made: Robin Hood Season 1 Trailer NWWRHFan

A lovely simple little trailer. If you want a quick, spoiler free introduction to the show, then this is the one to watch!

Robin and Marian: Saturn ~ Kelsey p

A lovely fan made video I discovered recently that focuses on the bond between Robin and Marian. I love the choice of the quotes used from the show: ‘My father used to say that when we died, we’d become stars. If it’s true, this time tomorrow, we could be lighting up the night sky…’

True Love: Robin and Marian Terrilynn88

A beautiful video focusing on the true love between Robin and Marian. Having been uploaded fairly recently, it is nice to not only still see videos produced by fans, but one which uses such high quality footage. As many fan made videos were made during the time of the show (2006-2009), they are now quite old. technology has moved a long way since then; their quality has become inferior to the new stuff. Although I do prefer the music from the show to be in fan videos, the soundtrack chosen is still pretty good. However what I love the most is the clips chosen. Some beautiful tender moments between Robin and Marian. Through videos such as these, Robin Hood lives on.

Losing Your Memory: Allan A Dale Terrilynn88

Thought I’d include all of the videos to date that this person has made – I think they’re great! This one focuses on Allan’s tragic arc throughout the series. Does contain spoilers.

Robin Hood: We Might Fall Terrilynn88

The final one!

2021 Update: Sadly it appears that the fan made videos below by the channel, Hermandat, no longer exist, with the account recently terminated. This is a great shame as I felt that these videos used a high level of editorial prowess to present a collection of some of the best themes and moments from Robin Hood in a fresh, recent and engaging way. For now, I shall leave this section as it is for a tribute to a great channel.

Robin & Marian | Evenstar ~ Hermandat

An extremely well made fan trailer focusing on Robin and Marian. There is clear editorial talent here, with the high quality footage used for such an old show as well as that beautiful thumbnail. Hermandat has made plenty of amazing Robin Hood videos in exceptionally high quality so I would definitely encourage you to go and check them out.

The choice of soundtrack, although not part of the show, works well too, leaving the viewer wondering what Robin and Marian’s relationship could have been like if it had ended happier. On a more positive note, it shows that although Robin and Marian may not have realised it while fighting a corrupt England, they still had plenty of happy moments together. Despite possibly taking some of their moments for granted, they were still there when they needed each other the most.

Robin and Marian Love Tribute ~ Hermandat

The best has been saved for last. This has to be the best recent fan made video made. Using the tracks ‘Marian’s Theme’ and ‘Robin and Marian’, Hermandat has created a rare and timeless high quality video capturing the innocence and beauty of Robin and Marian’s relationship.

Episode Reactions

An Australian YouTube channel run by Thomas Midena has recently uploaded a ‘Reaction & Review’ series on Robin Hood (as of 2020).

I have watched each episode and enjoyed it incredibly. It is refreshing to see such a recent, raw and honest reaction to Robin Hood after all the years that it has been off air.

Rare, good quality content such as this proves that Robin Hood continues to live on. It is rightly a show that should not be forgotten. But most importantly, it shows the timeless quality of the show; a result of every person who worked on it. These videos show the journey that Robin Hood can continue to take audiences on. How Robin Hood continues to engage and capture audiences. Despite time continuously illuminating outdated special effects, and moments that did not work so well, the story telling remains timeless. Whether told through the writing, music, costumes or camera shots, all components come together to form a compelling story. One that captures your attention, pulls at the heartstrings, and makes you laugh. No matter what your thoughts may be at the start, Robin Hood inevitably lures you in through its unforgettable, and powerful, story.

I am glad to see that they enjoyed Robin Hood as much as I did when I first watched it.

Series Two

It was rewarding to see these guys return for their reactions and opinions on the second series. There are some fundamental twists and turns in this series, along with new characters and guest stars, as well as more action, adventure, romance and scheming, but with much higher stakes. Watching Tom, Iona, Mehdi and Pippa react to all of this a second time around, with a fresh eyed majority, is wholesomely entertaining (also a big fan of the effort gone into the thumbnails this time around).

Series Three

Fulfilling their appetite to complete their Robin Hood ‘Reaction and Review’ series, the team returned for a final outing. With even Tom remembering little about the third series and its conclusion, it is once again insightful to see what fresh eyes make of the more controversial third series. Still full of rich stories, characters and ideas, there are undoubtedly parts of this series that are perhaps unfairly overlooked when looking back upon the final series in its entirety. These guys prove that, honestly presenting their thoughts and feelings of each episode, right until the end. One can only wonder what their final reactions and thoughts would be after the deeply emotive, mythical and inspiring rollercoaster Robin Hood has taken them on… (definitely worth a watch).

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Tom for the effort he has gone to in promoting Robin Hood to new audiences. I recognise the commitment, editing, hard work, and analysis that has gone into making these videos and for that, as I know many other fans will be too, I am truly grateful. For old fans, this content is undoubtedly deeply rewarding, with Tom offering a new platform and space for people to connect and share their own thoughts. For many, these reactions will have brought Robin Hood to life once again. Myself included. Robin Hood, accompanied with the infectious chemistry and warm nature of Tom, Ioan, Mehdi and Pippa, provide a welcoming hand to hold for anyone who wishes a watch.

Robin Hood still has the ability to make audiences, laugh and cry, and it is thanks to individuals like these that Robin Hood is still remembered and remains celebrated. Thank you.

Children In Need Special

A short two part mini film was produced during the filming of series two to help promote Children In Need. The fact that this happened only highlights the continued success and popularity of the show during the broadcast of series two.

National Television Awards

Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths and Richard Armitage at the National Television Awards, November 2006. Sadly Robin Hood did not win.

Interviews: Series 1

This interview is part of a set of the first interviews with the cast after their casting had been announced. I definitely know that Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths were also interviewed however I cannot find their videos on YouTube (you can view the Richard Armitage one here). I believe that these videos were uploaded to the Robin Hood website in order to help promote the series which explains why they do not form any part of the DVD extras. As highlighted by the low quality of the video, these interviews are old!

Update: Somebody got in touch with a link to the Lucy Griffiths interview. It is not a familiar website, but I am glad that there remains a means to view it. You can watch the interview here.

Any more finds, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page!

Soccer AM remains a football themed comedy/talk show broadcast on Sky. In anticipation of its launch, Robin Hood stars Jonas Armstrong and Sam Troughton appeared on the show to help promote the show – probably to encourage the Dads to give it a watch!

A rare BBC Breakfast interview in the sense that Joe Armstrong, who played Allan, was rarely interviewed in depth during his involvement on the show.

Interviews: Series 2

I believe these interviews were put onto the Robin Hood website in order to promote the second series. They are not part of the DVD extras. There used to be one with Lucy Griffiths too however sadly it has been taken down off YouTube. If anyone has another means of access to the video, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Deadline interview was filmed during the suspension of filming after Jonas broke his metatarsal bone during series two.

Whilst this video contains no interview about Keith Allen’s involvement in Robin Hood, it is nice to be able to see some form of interview with him as he was not interviewed much during the making of Robin Hood. Keith Allan doesn’t even feature in the series one DVD extra profile: ‘The Sheriff’.

Interviews: Series 3

An short but sweet interview with Lucy Griffiths after series three had been broadcast.

Dominic Minghella Interview

A little gem I found recently. Dominic Minghella is interviewed about being an executive producer and writer. He uses examples from past projects such as Robin Hood and Doc Martin. It was so interesting to hear what Dominic Minghella had to say – especially his stories and points about Robin Hood. I think that ‘The Making of BBC Robin Hood’ would make quite a good book title!